Full of ethnical references, Boho is one of my favorite styles.  Inspired by the 70s, it has pinches of folk and flower power resulting in a modern hippie kind of look. To go boho you can use a lot of references, but the general rule is to be comfortable with what you’re wearing. Fluid fabrics are a staple when creating the boho appearance.

If you want to rock a specific kind of look, try to use only a few references of it, unless you want to walk around looking like you're wearing a costume! This Fashionisto is a good example of how to use Boho without looking like any stereotype. His appeal stems from his printed t-shirt, with a very ethnical Peru reference.  To go with the flow, he uses a ring and a vintage watch to accesorize. Another nice reference straight from the 70s are his round sunglasses, wore a lot by the likes of John Lennon from the Beatles.

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