Recently I've been focusing a lot on the traditionally kitted Fashionistos in blazers, tweed, chinos, elbow patches and the like. Therefore, this week while I was Fashionisto hunting, I was looking for something more rugged and rebellious. This individual swept past me in his worn, leather bomber jacket and as I chased after him, I felt the strong autumn winds ushering me closer.

Bomber jackets, or Flight jackets, were the official outerwear worn by daring pilots in the open cockpits of fighter jets during WWI. They were designed to resist harsh weather conditions and were made with heavy-duty leather, wrap-around collars, fitted knit cuffs and waistbands. They petered out of fashion over time, but after the movie Top Gun, they came back in style in the late '80s. Leather jackets are always a staple of mens' fall/winter collections, but this season saw them in the form of the iconic bomber jacket. Designers like Yigal Azrouel, Ian Velardi and Surface to Air all presented classic bomber jackets with ribbed, knit cuffs, and even some with mouton and shearling collars.

Today's Fashionisto nonchalantly demonstrates how to carry off the bomber jacket look for this season. The things to remember when looking for a bomber jacket are fit and length. Notice how this Fashionisto's jacket does not balloon out; instead, it cuts off perfectly just above his hips. He has quite a slim frame and if the jacket had been billowy, it would have not only drowned him, but it also would have given him a dated look. Instead it falls casually on his torso while the ribbed waistband gives definition to his silhouette. The naturally cropped cut of the bomber jacket can be very flattering for those looking to create the illusion of a taller height. This Fashionisto's jacket is not only vintage, but it is also personalised and enthuses a very worn, rugged look. If you would rather opt for a more updated version, try a bomber jacket like this one from Topman. For a more luxe look, try one like this with a shearling collar from Joe Browns.

The versatility of a quality bomber jacket means it could be worn just as easily over an oxford shirt and tie combo as it would be over a worn T-shirt. Today's Fashionisto emphasised the pairing of his boots and jacket by donning basic black jeans. It is important to note, however, that the worn jeans complement the used, rugged look of the vintage jacket and boots. The vintage cowboy boots are a surprising but effective touch to complete the look. Some Frye harness boots or chukka boots would have also been a good complement to the bomber jacket.

As ever, I always encourage you to be bold and daring with your Fashionisto investments. While a clean tan or black bomber jacket will never fail you, seek out ones in a bright color to really make a style statement with your bomber this season.

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