There is a boy-ish charm that comes to mind when I think of bow ties. It reminds me of the youthfulness and whimsicality in little children. For a while, bow ties as well as other neck adorned pieces have been on the back burner in men’s fashion But bowties, ascots, and other forms of neckwear are slowly making a comeback and popping up in fashion shows everywhere lately. Roberto Cavalli’s fall 2011 show featured a number of ready-to-wear looks that were topped off with bow ties and ascots. The more preppy styles from designers like Grant Rugger, Tommy Hilfiger, and Nautica also feature extra pieces on menswear that create a well put together look for the fall season. Street fashion blogs like The Satorialist and The Style Blogger highlight some illustrious looks featuring bow ties and show off some really fashionable men.

This week’s Fashionisto goes for a daring look by pairing a classic red plaid shirt and a satin black bowtie. To mute the overstatement of the bright plaid, this Fashionisto decided to use black jeans and black gym shoes to balance out his outfit. Topping off the look, this Fashionisto also sported a wool grey flat cap. What I love about this outfit is that the bow tie captures the essence of boy-like qualities, but is sophisticated in the sense of pairing sleek bottoms and a mature flat cap. A youthful symmetry is created in the outfit by pairing the two extremes together. Sure, the plaid shirt and black pant combination would work well for a night out or class, but by incorporating a 3rd or 4th piece into an outfit, like this Fashionisto did here, made an eminent statement.

For those Fashionistos willing to push those 3rd piece boundaries, start off with a simple red plaid shirt, and black fitted jeans. For the bow tie, Brooks Brothers and Asos have a wide variety available in all types of patterns and fabrics. Tie in the entire ensemble with some classic Vans shoes, and a flat top hat, like this one by Rag & Bone, and you have a fashionable outfit with a hint of boyish charm!

Adding that extra piece into a daily outfit, like a scarf with a simple t-shirt and jeans combination, a bow tie instead of a necktie in business causal wear, or even an ascot, can really change up an outfit. I challenge the men at the University of Iowa to start trying new outfit combinations with their casual wear. A bow tie is a great way to get noticed on campus and it is definitely Style Guru approved!


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