I'll admit it: I love black apparel. It often seems that the only people that love black clothing more than me are the fellas. Black screams sleek and sophistication. However, black often also means safe.  And while I know venturing out to color can be intimidating, an great way to ease into color is by incorporating brown into your wardrobe.  

This Fashionisto's ensemble is basic in the most perfect way. His wool coat is perfectly tailored. Its clean and classic silhouette is timeless, making it a great investment piece for Fashionistos on a budget. The cuff of his shoes only further showcases his shiny dockers brogues. Now if this outfit was in black it would have sharp as well, but also could look like he was heading for the board room instead of the lecture hall. You have all the time in the world to be a grown up.  College is the perfect time to be a bit different in your clothing choices. By opting for brown, this Fashionisto elevated his look and transformed these traditional pieces into modern wear.

My advice for you Fashionistos is to consider swapping out that black sweater or loafers you get as holiday gifts for the identical item in brown. That simple change could change your whole outlook on color.

Hint: For those of you looking for an extra risk try this Zara double breasted coat in red or orange. 

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