Last week I had the opportunity to attend Teen Vogue Fashion University in New York City. The event was held over the weekend and major faces in the fashion industry, like Michael Kors, Betsey Johnson and Linda Fargo, graced the Teen Vogue offices. Listening to these influential people speak really strengthened my love for fashion and drive to work in the industry after graduation.

Although the weekend was jam-packed with these remarkable speakers, the few hours I was able to sightsee and roam the streets of NYC was the biggest influencer of all. The shops of SoHo, the lights of Times Square and the fashion on the street mesmerized me. Every person I passed was dressed eclectically and had his or her own individual style. As I walked on Little 9th street in Chelsea, the casualwear the men couldn't compare to a night out in Iowa. There were sweater vests, flat caps and all kinds of stylish shoes that men were sporting on the street.

This week’s Fashionisto reminds me a lot of the New York City street style I came across while exploring New York last weekend. Although Iowa City does not have the vast variety of boutiques that New York has, we still have a few hidden shops around campus with really great pieces that can be easily incorporated into an ensemble. What I love most about this Fashionisto’s outfit is that the majority of his pieces came from The Full Kit Skate Shop, a shop in Iowa City on East Washington St. This skate shop sells not only skateboards but also a variety of clothing brands like Vans, Matix and Adidas.

To copy this Fashionisto’s look, start off with Matix jeans, a plaid shirt, like this one from PacSun, and these original Adidas Star Wars-inspired shoes. The watch featured is actually a iPod nano attatched to a band for flair.

Although most college campuses don't have the shopping experience that New York City has to offer, I encourage checking out some of the boutiques and shops that are hidden away on campus. I got to hear about a really great shop in Iowa City that I didn't know existed before I ran into this Fashionisto. Always keep your eyes peeled for some great finds right on your campus!

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