There is most definitely a fine line between looking sloppy and casual-cool. With the right amount of personal charm and statement pieces, the look can be pulled off in an effortlessly chic way rather than giving off that “just rolled out of bed” vibe. When you think of sweatpants, most will begin to quickly conjure up ideas that this type of loungewear is only appropriate for a comfortable, stay-inside-all-day kind of day. 

Well, my friends, think again. While walking home from work I stopped this Fashionisto on Spring Street. How put together his outfit was grasped my attention immediately, but upon closer observation I realized that he was wearing a stylish version of sweatpants! I was shocked at first but quite impressed that he was able to turn a typically scoffed at piece of wardrobe into something kind of awesome. Rather than sporting a pair of cut-off shorts, he chose a pair of light-sand drawstring shorts. Instead of wearing them normally, he played with the style a bit by cuffing the bottom. Playing off this simplicity, he paired his shorts with a black cotton long sleeve graphic tee which also is worn cuffed for the warmer weather.

Start with a pair of shorts similar at Urban Outfitters. Avoid light grays and opt for a darker or more neutral tone. Find a cool graphic shirt long sleeve shirt to match. But wait, we are almost forgetting the key pieces!

Hint: Try to incorporate some of your sophisticated pieces into a look like this Fashionisto did. Whether it be adding a pair of funky high top sneakers like these Yves Saint Laurent bad boys while wearing the socks to match, holding onto a unique bag or sporting a pair of chic Ray-Ban frames, try to include a little bit of something something into your look that gives you that extra cool factor.

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