The proper suit attire has infiltrated the workplace. Actually, let me rephrase that; the proper suit attire has always infiltrated the business workplace. I am not really complaining though, because I sure don’t mind seeing a man with a good suit on!

However, there comes a time when change is needed. Business casual has become man’s best friend as of late and it is something that I have been very fond of. Reason being? Well, the Fashionisto captured this week is reason alone.

Casually perusing the streets of Chicago, I caught a glimpse of him and was immediately swooning over his work-wear attire. It was all very simple and very well put together, which made it that much easier to love. The classic white button-up was paired with his olive-colored chinos. His professionalism came into play with the black tie, but the boat shoes were the ones that brought the casual ambiance to his whole ensemble. The scrunched pants and sleeves were a necessity, if not, the whole look would have been too baggy. The bag he carried, though, was a great accessory that added to his already great look.

When it comes to work, it’s never a bad idea to bring play into your attire. There are always tiny details you can give to your look to make a little more fun (scrunching being the best way, just don’t overdo it.)

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