Now that winter is here, the chances of you making it all the way to Friday without working “casual” into your wardrobe are slim to none. I have been preaching about colored slacks and fitted peacoats for the past few weeks, but this week’s post is all about your favorite pair of jeans and warm counterparts.

Finding the perfect pair of jeans that fits just right is definitely a constant struggle for both genders. Once you do find this pair of pants, not much is stopping you from wearing them every day, or at least every chance you get. When something tragic like a rip or general wear and tear occurs, use this Fashionisto as an example to get creative. Patching up ripped jeans is a quick and trendy fix that avoids you re-entering your search for those glorious pants. You don’t need much sewing experience to accomplish this; grab a needle, thread and cut up an old shirt or even a different shade of denim and you will be set to go.

If you are opting to wear lighter denim, I would suggest you pair it with a black or dark gray sweater. Darker denim, on the other hand, gives you the opportunity to incorporate more colors such as red or green. A plain cable knit scarf not only gives you extra warmth but also adds more texture to create an interesting look. Finally, I must admit how much I enjoy his winter parka. Although it is casual, the fur-lined hood gives a sophisticated look that completes the outfit perfectly.

Hint: Fur hoods are almost always detachable, giving you the option to include it when you need a little something extra.

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