Learning how to manage money and live on a budget can be difficult as a college student. After paying for books, food, weekend entertainment, rent and bills it can seem impossible to find any extra money for updating your wardrobe.  You may be tempted to push clothes to the bottom of your priorities list, but college is a time where you should be experimenting with different styles, figuring out what works for you and starting to pick up a few professional items. If you learn to shop smartly, like researching when sales are and being open to discount stores where you wouldn’t normally shop, fitting new clothes in your tight budget should be a synch.

This week’s Fashionisto found some great pieces at very affordable prices. His jacket is thrifted, his shirt is from Target and his pants are from Urban Outfitters. Shopping at thrift stores is not only a great way to find clothes at incredibly low prices, but it’s also the best for finding unique items that no one else will have. The most important thing about shopping at a thrift store is keeping an open mind. You might see items you think are outdated at first, but try to think of ways you can change them to fit your style. For example, cutting off a pair of “mom jeans” into trendy high-waisted shorts or taking out the shoulder pads in an '80s blazer to create a modern boyfriend blazer.

Target is also a great place to shop when you’re on a budget. It carries lots of new trends and has a ton of variety. I would recommend buying your trendier items here, something you might not wear for more than one season. Target also does amazing collaborations with high-end designers like Missoni, Rodarte, Jason Wu and most recently Prabal Gurung, so that you can get their look at a much, much lower price.

Hint: Be a smart shopper! There are a ton of ways to shop on a budget, you just have to find the ways that work for you.


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