LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Chordially Corduroy

Michael Bastian, Burberry, Thom Browne, Shipley & Halmos…need I go on? These were but a few of the designers this fall to feature corduroy in their collections. The fact of the matter is: corduroy is back. And it's better than ever. With slim cuts, jewel tones and savvy styling, this material has been through fashion history's ringer to now finally claim its throne. Today's Fashionisto was ecstatic when I wanted to capture his corduroys for CollegeFashionista and triumphantly said, “I'm bringing corduroys back!”


Corduroys have a long history, from being the coveted material of royals like Henry VIII, to becoming known as the “poor man's velvet” of 18th century industrial workers. Since then it has resurfaced with a tired and overly casual stigma for bookworm academics and children's overalls. This fall however, it received some serious revamping and has become a great alternative to denim and chinos.


Today's Fashionisto paired his inky blue corduroy trousers with a bright red and purple windbreaker jacket and a red T-shirt. This pairing gives his sporty corduroy look an intense flush of color, which is exactly how you should be styling your corduroys. For corduroy beginners, purchase your corduroys in classic tans, browns and inky blues and then add bright pops of color. This will create a classic dichotomy between the vintage durability of the corduroys and modern styling accents. The key to pulling off corduroys is understanding wales (the textured lines that make it corduroy) and fit. The wider the wales, the more casual the corduroys.


This Fashionisto's corduroys caught the sunlight like velvet and looked rich and luxurious, all because the corduroy had a high wale count. Always opt for a higher wale count as this looks much more refined. Even though I am a stickler for fit, with corduroys there really is no question about it—they should fit like a glove. Today's Fashionisto has corduroys in a classic slim cut, a fit perfect for day-to-day. This is as casual as your corduroys can go though, to avoid any confusion with your granddad's dust-offs. Now that you have got the right wale count and fit, the final thing to look for with your corduroys is color. This Fashionisto shows a great basic color to invest in for your corduroys; but once you really start to get into the swing of things, there are some fun canary yellows and plum purples you might want to turn your attention to. To start off, why not invest in some corduroys in a selection of traditional colors like these Eddie Bauer ones? If you are feeling more adventurous, try these fun Scotch & Soda corduroys.


To switch up from this Fashionisto's sporty corduroy look here are a few hints. For a more industrial look, couple corduroys with a cable knit sweater and some army boots. Alternatively, for a more refined look, pair up your corduroys with a blazer, V-neck cardigan and white shirt. Polish off this tailored look with wingtips or a chelsea boot.

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