LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Blazers, Bow Ties and Brosnan

In every movie that involves some sort of James Bond-esque classy man, there is always the same scene: The debonair, hair-slicked protagonist slowly looks off into the distance, the camera zooms in and he instinctively adjusts his bowtie. Now that you’ve got that mental image I want you to imagine that same scene and apply it to yourself in the line at Starbucks. Yes, you are now Pierce Brosnan. Only kidding — well kind of. A lot of time blazers, ties and bow ties are categorized into work and formal wear. It’s time to think outside of this box and intersect this formal wear into your casual daywear.

A lot of style around campus is based around a button down and jeans. While completely acceptable, every once in a while you should rejuvenate and rethink this look by adding a few more key pieces.

This debonair dude is every reason why you should give this look a try. With the addition of his textured, charcoal blazer and timeless blue bow tie his look becomes classically refined and is a force to be reckoned with. By choosing to wear a darker wash jean, his outfit is immediately suited for daytime and can easily be carried over into the night’s activities. Finally, the pop of is vibrant brick-red watch adds a youthful touch. All together, this outfit deserves a compliment.

I’m sorry to inform you that your tuxedo T-shirt isn’t really going to work this time. Heartbroken as you may be, check out Band of Outsiders, J.Crew and Brooks Brothers for some options that I’m sure will soften the heartache.

Take power and authority through sophisticated style. It’s time to turn on Frank Sinatra, read the morning paper and give a toast the new you — Pierce Brosnan and all.

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