When in Rome…three words I have been hearing way too often since I arrived a little over a week ago. Since then I have realized that when in Rome, we walk, everywhere! Whether going to class, sightseeing or exploring the local neighborhood, I’ve been pleased to see many of my classmates dressing up and looking good for the occasion despite the heat. 

During a break between classes I spotted this Fashionisto in sea-foam green shorts and a navy T-shirt sitting with friends in the courtyard. A lot of guys steer clear of color and opt for a plain white tee, but this combination is a great way to embrace the color blocking trend; it’s subtle yet aesthetically pleasing! He chose to accent this outfit with a comfortable pair of boat shoes in a neutral shade of gray and a classic pair of Ray-Bans — perfect to block the sun and endure the walk when visiting many of the monuments Rome has to offer. Cute and smart!

Imitating this look is easy but will require a fearlessness of color! So guys, for those of you who are a little skeptical, start off with a combination similar to this Fashionisto's. Wear a pair of basic tone shorts, such as navy, with either a T-shirt or button-up in a bolder brighter tone, such as coral or sea-foam green! These colors are in this season so you won’t feel too overdone. Make sure to keep any other accessories, such as shoes, in a neutral tone to avoid clashing. For those of you who are already prone to wearing bold bright colors, let us see what you have in your closet! Mix two bold colors in one outfit; try to keep them on the lighter side — pastels in yellow, green and blue look good, but two bright shades such as red and cobalt blue should be saved for the Fourth of July.

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