I remember my very first pair of corduroy pants–chestnut, with a wide-leg fit and thick cables. Looking back on it, I cringe at the thought of looking like a bona fide hippie in my groovy new pants, but it was certainly impossible for me to escape the comfort of the soft cotton. With comfort in mind, it’s no wonder that so many Fashionistos are surrendering to the powers of the cords in these early stages of the fall season. Many are incorporating the soft cotton material into their headwear, sporting fitted corduroy caps and newsboy hats, and in their jackets, blazers and of course, trousers. Today’s Fashionisto is no exception.

This Fashionisto took a modern spin on this classic look, by opting for a more modern fit. Many designers today are creating these trousers in a slimmer fit to accommodate for the younger and more fashion-conscious generation of Fashionistos, who too would cringe at the thought of being mistaken for one of Shaggy’s long lost relatives.

While I find that corduroy trousers are best complemented by long sleeved, solid-colored Henley shirts, which is how our Fashionisto wore his, they can truly be paired with just about anything! In the spirit of fall weather, our Fashionisto also layered with a tan shawl-collared cardigan. As for accessories, he wore oversized specs and a camel cross-body with an adjustable strap and finished off the look with worn in boat shoes.

The combination of comfort, effortlessness, great warmth content and a neutral palette make this look perfect for the fall!

Hint: To re-create this look, start with a pair of cords with your preferred fit. These cords can be paired with a long sleeved Henley for a more casual look, or with a chunky sweater or shawl-collared cardigan for a more fall-inspired look. Finish off with canvas sneakers or lace-up mid-calf boots. Because corduroy trousers provide more versatility than denim jeans, they can easily be dressed up or down, and are perfect for every occasion. In addition to comfort and versatility, corduroy trousers also provide durability, (and although they may eventually begin to wear, just like denim jeans, the distressed look gives it edge, and is just as fashionable.) Comfort, durability and versatility; what more could a guy want?

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