There are just some outfits that exude cool and this was one of them. I spotted this Fashionisto on the Lower East Side coming out of the subway. New York has finally gotten a break from the humidity and high heat and temperatures have been bearable here in the past couple of days. This means that the long pants come back out of our drawers along with footwear to brave the classic New York City downpours.

Wearing a pair of chocolate brown lace up boots was the first thing that caught my eye about this Fashionistos outfit. Not only did he transform a fall/winter piece into a practical summer look for the rainy day but he made his ensemble work around his high boot. His straight dark washed jeans look good paired with the dark leather, but the fact he cuffed his pants makes it feel even more summery.

Also take note of his shirt. Rather than the classic V or crew neck that most men rock, he makes a less popular choice — the boat neck. A simple twist on the two classic collars converts the look into something clean and refreshing. Again, notice he makes the shirt a little more than his own by rolling up the sleeves. A chunky gold watch, jean jacket and a seriously dapper hair-do is the recipe for sheer coolness.

To try some cool on for size, check out this pair of Bed Stu boots from Nordstrom. Pull out a pair of your favorite straight leg dark washed jeans, like this pair from Scotch and Soda. Next try looking for a boat neck; you could try these simple styles from American Apparel. Put it all together and voila, you’re insta-cool.

Hint: If you decide to try to work in the cuff, my theory is less is always more, don’t roll them too much. A good rule is to stick below the elbow and right above the ankle for low top shoes, or right above the boot line.

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