LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Denim Hues and Hot Pants

Spotting this Fashionisto on a blistering cold Chicago afternoon literally lit up my day as I chased him down Michigan Avenue for a picture. He brilliantly pulls off a functional yet fashionable combination with his gray wool scarf and fitted black peacoat.

The real highlight of his outfit, however, has to be his cyan-colored denim pants (reminds me of an Easter egg) that he chose to cuff at the bottom to show off his brown kicks and red shoe laces. While some might believe that pastels only belong in the spring season, I believe it works just fine, if not better than other colors since it can serve as a “pop color” for any outfit.

Brands like Acne, D&G and Bottega Veneta featured colored pants for men on the runways as recent as this past fall and the trend is quickly trickling down to sidewalks everywhere proving that color is good.

Hear that guys? Color is okay!

Hint: When buying your next pair of jeans, go with an odd color like a subtle salmon or electric blue instead of your standard blue jean or black denim. Places like Levi's, H&M and Forever 21 have taken notice of this trend and already have them in stock, even in the middle of another intense Chicago winter.

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