LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Dress Up By Dressing Down

I’m not sure if Mother Nature heard, but summer is starting. However when the weather isn’t cooperating, like a toddler on too many cookies, what is a Fashionisto supposed to do? It’s cold, but it’s May, so coats are just completely out of the question. Step in, today’s Fashionisto: clad in a velvet blazer, navy polo and dark wash jeans.

The velvet blazer is a sleek take on the classic staple and brings a refreshing air to the look. There’s nothing better than an article of clothing that makes you want to drag your face across it as soon as you see it. The velvet jacket is thick and warm, yet gives off an easy going aesthetic without any of the burden of winter.

Layering a blazer over a polo shirt is an edgy move used rarely by straight fraternity lacrosse players who apparently wouldn’t know any better. But in this look, it works. The polo shirt dresses down the look adding to the casual appeal the outfit makes. This Fashionisto looks comfortable yet attractive — and that is touchdown … or whatever you call a homerun in lacrosse.

What I love about this Fashionisto’s jeans is the wash. The pants try to trick you into believing they’re just a really cool colored slack, but surprise! They’re denim — and comfortable. This look says, “Yes I have on a blazer, but I’m anything but corporate.” The simple sneakers reiterate this. Dressed down, never dressed so well.

Hint: Try out these simple sneakers by Vans and this polo by J.Crew. Wrap it all up in this gorgeous blazer by Burberry and you're ready for whatever summer Mother Nature thinks it's in.

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