LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Dressed To The Nines

You don’t see too many people really dressed up around campus during the day, so I was excited when I spotted this week’s Fashionisto. With his all black suit complete with pressed shirt, shiny black shoes and a bow tie, he definitely stood out from the crowd. The reason for his fancy duds was a group presentation, but he said that he does like to put a little more effort into his everyday outfits than the average student, especially in the fall.

Men’s fashion is very traditional, so that means it rarely changes. This is especially true regarding men’s formal attire. For example, the suit has been a staple in a man’s closet since the 19th century. With that being said it can be hard for men to show their unique style when the dress code calls for business formal. What made me stop this week’s Fashionisto for a picture was his fun bow tie. He said he always chooses bow ties over the standard tie, and I can see why. Bow ties are one of the many ways men can add some interest into their business attire. They are a little more playful than a standard tie, and come in tons of fun patterns and colors. Yes, ties also come in lots of colors and patterns, but that can veer into tacky. Since bow ties are so much smaller, the loudness of a bold pattern is contained.

Some other ways men can add interest to a business formal outfit are unique cufflinks, a pocket square or patterned socks. These are small details on an otherwise simple outfit, but adding them can make all the difference in showing your personality.

Hint: Don’t let a business formal dress code get you down! Add fun accessories that show your personality and unique style.


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