LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Edginess Meets Preppy

I’m feeling nostalgic. Preppy fashion is in and revamped! As people of the 1950s would think, this guy is pretty well educated, huh? In the '50s, this niche trend derived from common attire worn by young college men in Ivy League schools. It was all about the ordinary solid colored blazers, sweaters, ties, buttons downs and simple black and brown loafers. Fortunately, those boring days are over!

Nonetheless, we still love our wonderful classic pieces. Today, this trend is modernized and it brings color, fun and quirkiness. He doesn’t do the typical white button down shirt and he doesn’t wear the simple black pair of slacks. Instead, he decides to add edginess by incorporating patterns as well as color.

As he struts down campus, the first thing I was instantly drawn to was his unique color palette, which coordinated very well, I must add. Regardless of how black, green, burgundy, white, tan, blue and yellow sound together, it harmonized nicely. His multi-colored bow tie complemented his black double breasted blazer and green and white check patterned shirt. To add a tad bit more spunk, he wore burgundy corduroy colored pants with vintage oxford shoes. Finally, to add a finishing touch this Fashionisto puts on an oval pair of dark shades. He is the epitome of preppy!

You may ask what inspired this look. “I was inspired by all the modern day retail stores specifically focusing on this style such as Hugo Boss, Rugby by Ralph Lauren and J.Crew. I love that these retailers still keep the same aesthetic of classics, but add more color and a sense of funkiness,” said this Fashionisto. No need to worry, you can also find similar bow-ties and pants to accomplish your own version of this look.

Hint: Don’t be a laggard. Run, don’t walk! These pieces can be worn over and over to look like a totally different outfit each time. For instance, a colorful bow-tie is a way to add flavor to a solid colored button down shirt. Deciding whether to wear a unique pant or choosing to be bold with a color is ultimately up to you. Add some spice to your attire!

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