Mother Nature has spoiled us long enough with beautiful sunny days, albeit with intermittent days of clouds and rain but nonetheless only now are we beginning to feel drastic weather changes towards winter. But do not stress! We have yet to reach the actual days of winter when its just too cold to look nice because your coat covers you up anyways. Instead, we are in the position that it is too cold to not wear a coat but fall layers are sufficient enough to combat the wind. 

What is there not to love about layers? When you realize the possibilities that layering allows you, you basically come up with an entire new wardrobe. A shirt by itself looks very different then if that shirt was layered with a cardigan or chunky scarf for example. Layers allow you to buy many classic basics that can be worn many different ways instead of one-time statement pieces.

This Fashionista definitely understands the benefits of a couple layers. He wears a dark burgundy sweater overtop a playful and color plaid shirt peaking out from above the collar, dark straight-leg jeans, a lovely navy blue double-breasted coat and brown lace dress shoes. I love how he paired nice pieces with playful colors and worked many different colors through his layers. He looks warm but still stylish which is surprisingly difficult to pull off. Honestly, I love everything about this look. 

Get into the layers, you won't regret it. 


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