LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Fall Transitions

Today’s Fashionisto is what I would consider a rare gem here at the University of Iowa. Not only is he wearing a button-down shirt and cardigan combination, but fantastic leather boots! The weather, like last week, is changing everyday: from warm, to cold, to rain! These next few weeks are not going to get any better, and I know I always have trouble finding an outfit that will stand against all the unexpected elements that this transition season is bringing.  This Fashionionisto, however, seems to be pulling off this season's weather changes effortlessly! I spotted him walking out from my communications lecture last week and could not help but stare at his perfect weather-transitioned ensemble.

It is no surprise that I love when men sport a cardigan on campus, but when that cardigan is used instead of a blazer, it gets a big two thumbs up in my book. This Fashionisto is wearing a navy blue cardigan from Austin Reed,  a classic blue button-down shirt, and topped off with Alden Indy boots. This Fashionisto even accessorized with a Timex watch, some beaded bracelets, and a leather backback to complete the outfit. While surfing the CollegeFashionista webpage for inspiration, I came across a similarly dressed Fashionisto in a plaid button-up and cardigan combiniation. Not too suprising that the cardigan is making its way back into Fashionisto's closets nation-wide!

Perhaps what I loved even more about this Fashionisto’s outfit was the cuffed pants. Most men will not even go near this trend because it is similar in style with the women’s alternative of a cuffed capri pant. But street fashion is showing otherwise, with this great photo from The Saratorialist.

To copy this Fashionisto’s look, I found a cardigan similar to his from Banana Republic and this Ralph Lauren blue button down shirt from Asos. Wear with Levi 501 original jeans and cuff them like our Fashionista did here. This Fashionisto got his boots from a men’s boutiqe in Des Moines, Badowers. For a less wallet straining alternative to this Fashionisto’s leather boots, I suggest these Steve Madden boots.

This outfit is perfect for the transition from the summer to fall. With a cardigan and leather boots, the outfit provides warmth and durability to the harsh winter months, yet, easily layered to take off if it gets too warm during classes or over the course of the day.

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