At this point in the year, we could all use a good hug and loose fitted shirt. It’s finals. Everyone is stressed, and by now it seems the only person consoling our problems is the woman named Carol who takes orders from Starbucks. Well, if the times call for you to be uptight, that doesn’t mean your clothes have to be as well. Unbutton your polo, take a breather and put on something that is a little looser fitting and comfortable.

This relaxed guy shows us exactly how it’s done. The key piece to note is his gray, loose and hooded shirt. It’s relaxed and makes his outfit seem almost effortless. His burnt orange, drop crotch pants are not far from the same theme. Topped off with a black hat, this look screams effortlessly put together.

If you’re looking for a this relaxed look, check out this airy shirt from Alexander Wang. Don’t think this outfit cannot go from day to night. This Ralph Lauren linen button-up allows you to do just that.

Cracked out on coffee as you may be, there is still a look that is easy and extremely comfortable to get you through the week. So as your procrastination improves your Tumblr, hopefully your campus wear will improve as well. It is time to face it. This week is almost over; so don’t cry and step away from your sweatpants. Trust me, it is not worth it.

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