With the semester rapidly becoming more tightly scheduled, and in the cases of many upperclassmen, filling with meetings, conferences and the occasional job interview, going to class becomes more than a necessity (or dare I say, in the minds of the truly dull and unappreciative, a “chore”); it is an opportunity. Consequently, everything about a particular student’s daily scholarly procedure becomes more focused and, at least in the case of the successful and content, the mechanism by which one acquires his or her education is slowly fine-tuned. He or she attempts to arrive punctually to class, allocate adequate time for outside studies, exam preparation and projects, improves in the area of accountability regarding his or her homework and assignments, and in the example of this exemplary Fashionisto, he makes a marked effort to present himself in the best light possible — he will dress to express and impress.

This ensemble is what most would refer to as business casual. Too often such a look sends mixed messages of frivolity juxtaposed against apathy, but this Fashionisto communicates his exact intentions: to appear pulled together and sharp while also displaying a sense of personal style. The bright violet stripes of his dress shirt are eye-catching but not too bold; the stiff collar relays an urbane air of sophistication but is not too stuffy with the absence of a tie or sport coat. The dark wash of the jeans fits perfectly in the tonal family of the purple on top, and the lack of wear and tear on this pair prevents the Fashionisto’s look from coming off as disheveled and unkempt. A nice chestnut leather belt with subtle braiding detail gives the outfit an interesting and personal touch that will perhaps help distinguish this dapper guy should he find himself immersed in a sea of similarly dressed students. Lastly, his driving loafers are comfortable and simple enough for trekking to class yet supple and luxurious enough to be envied and admired.

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