When it comes to fashion should guys color block or block color? Should we experiment with the color palette in our wardrobe or simply avoid it altogether and stick to neutrals? This Fashionisto’s cool, easy going look shows that you can utilize graphic T-shirts to make your wardrobe pop and even represent your favorite artist or TV show at the same time.

You can color block in a variety of ways. A majority of the time, the chic and stylish like to mix basic single-colored pieces to create an overall colorful look. Males have started to adopt this trend in street fashion giving their wardrobe a more versatile look. By utilizing color blocking you could easily keep your daily look interesting and expressive. The most colorful staple in men’s fashion is a graphic T-shirt.

Different high fashion brands have utilized graphics to attract fashion connoisseurs. Givenchy, Alexander McQueen and Versace are amongst the few brands that have reoccurring colorful graphics such as skulls or even floral graphics featured in their designs.

This Fashionisto is very conscious of how to play with color. He accessorizes a multi-colored top with a burgundy jacket and a striped hat that brings out the colors of the shirt. His gray washed denim jeans contrasts well from his light blue shirt and the metallic of his Nike shoes keeps the look interesting. Don’t block yourself in; colorize your closet.

Hint: Grab a few graphic T-shirts and washed jeans to find your base colors then accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

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