Graphic design has been popularized and spread across the art world with improvements in computer art design and communications programs. Today, graphic designs play an important role in fields such as marketing and advertising. Not surprisingly, the ability to visually communicate and idea or message made its way into the clothing design world. Within this realm, graphic designs are used as logos that are printed on various clothing items, the most popular being T-shirts. 

Graphic tees are statement makers. The design on these tees can express a joke, an advertising campaign, music appreciation, or simple just serve as a canvas for an image. This week's Fashionisto opted for the latter design and wears a gray T-shirt with the image of a female figure. He matches his grey and black shirt with dark blue skinny jeans, black lace-up tennis shoes, and a black and grey double-layered striped vest. By keeping the color scheme neutral he is able to balance the loud stripe pattern against an imaged T-shirt. The vest actually adds another layer to the already layered design shirt.

Graphic tees are often an overpowering design and therefore should be worn with items that enhance the design and not add clutter to a look. There are thousands of different graphic tees available. Find one you like, and show of your design choices. 

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