LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Hooked on the Nautical

I don’t know about you, but I miss boat shoes and boat necks and seersucker pants. Sometimes Boston University students forget about the glory of the New England summer: fishing and picnicking, all to the beat of the first Vampire Weekend album (the only one we actually care about). With the chill melting faster than a J.P. Licks cone in July, Fashionistos will be wondering what to do with their wardrobes. The answer is to return to fall trends. I know, what a concept. Plus, Boston is the one city where nautical get-up is practically evergreen.

There are so many things going right with this Fashionisto’s outfit that I don’t know where to start. A button-down collared shirt paired with a V-neck sweater is a must have for every man. It’s actually written in the 10 commandments Armani brought down from Mount Sinai during an exile where he tried not to look like the love child of Clint Eastwood and Bob Barker. And that awful joke is not supposed to encourage any spray tans, no matter how winter your February is feeling.

The jacket this Fashionisto is sporting looks warm, worn in and masculine. This is the kind of jacket that has pockets for all of the fishing hooks my father never taught me the names of. Its quilted detailing gives the jacket structure which means no fluffy marshmallow arms or Michelin Man torsos. No guy can go wrong with a pair of slim fitting khaki slacks. The added cuff detail gives this piece a more casual, broken-in denim look. The suede shoes with buckle detail makes for a pilgrim-chic/elevated-Amish aesthetic that conveys a sense of New England masculinity that would be downright misunderstood anywhere south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Yes, the shoes are black, which matches with brown like oil and water. If anyone can break the rules though, it’s a guy, and who can have complaints about this outfit anyway?

The best touch to this outfit is definitely the Fashionisto’s belt buckle. The fish hook detailing asserts a Connecticut prep school couture that BU students know too well and can’t get enough of. Thank you, Fashionisto, for reminding us what it means to be New Englanders.

Looking flawlessly preppy is hard to do, but only effective when it looks like you’re barely trying. This week we made fun of our favorite indie band and three old men then we learned some simple Civil War geography. But if you take anything away from LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS, it’s that masculinity looks good on every guy.  

Hint: A trapper style jacket like this one from J.Crew is perfect for these in between the season months. This jacket can be excellently paired with a V-neck sweater or even a utilitarian chambray. Playing up the masculinity is key here. Don’t be afraid of dramatic shoes like these ones from Heschung. Top the look off with this great belt by Vineyard Vines that will turn any boy into a trust fund baby Fashionisto.


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