LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: I Want It In Every Color

The whimsical appeal of American fashion truly takes shape when you add bright colors to classic staples. There’s something to be said about wearing an article of clothing in an unexpected color. Chinos and trenches come in khaki too often, but this Fashionisto offers a Technicolor mash-up to the dreary spring day.

Working our way down, we have a bright chambray shirt hidden beneath a bold navy trench coat. Typically, it’s hard for me to use navy and bold in the same sentence, but by the way this modern take on trench is styled, it’s obvious. Wide lapels means a masculine cut and its crisp waxed nylon sheen kisses the sunshine as if heckling the rain clouds. That’s poet talk for waterproof. Brass buckled and double breasted, say hello to your new spring coat.

This Fashionisto is also sporting a pair of slim fitting Nantucket red slacks. They’re so casually couture as if he took the pair right off of fashion demi-god Brad Goreski. I’m beyond jealous. Red can be a hard color to wear, but every man should find a place to inject crimson into his wardrobe. The scrunched, uncuffed ends are the perfect transition to his slate gray desert boots. For those of you who didn’t know men’s boots came in different styles, imagine the sleek charm of Salvatore Ferragamo mixed with the grunge of post-apocalyptic Mila Jovovich (read: go buy these immediately). His sunglasses are a sleek and casual compliment to the rest of his outfit. The fade to clear coloring of the rims is a look I’ve never seen from typically tortoise Ray-Bans.

And there you have it; simple choices and exciting colors make fashion as simple as recreating Piet Modrian on Microsoft paint!

Hint: Finding great staples in fashionable colors can be harder than it sounds. Get started on this gray chambray from J.Crew and cover it up with this beautiful trench from Burberry. Tie off the look with this pair of red slacks by Carven. Great designer staples in all the right colors.

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