LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Inspiration From Abroad

It’s not uncommon for people who work in the fashion industry to travel abroad for their jobs. Buyers travel for fashion shows, people in manufacturing travel to find the best fabrics, and designers travel to be inspired for their new clothing line. Although all of these careers entail different things, they all travel because they want to find something new and fresh. When designers go overseas and see new people, ideas, landscapes and architecture they take that and make new and fresh fashion.

This week’s Fashionisto has traveled a long way to attend the University of Alabama. Hailing all the way from China, he brings some of the cool street style that it is known for to the states. I wish I could have gotten more details about where he picked his items up, but there was a bit of a language barrier. However, I think his great style speaks for itself! Looking at his outfit you can tell that he put thought into every element because each piece is unique and put together perfectly.

What made me stop this Fashionisto for a picture was his one-of-a-kind jeans. The oversized pockets and red zipper detailing are edgy and different, but still wearable.  He paired them with heavy black combat boots. You can trace this look back to the punk movement that originated London in the late '70s and early '80s, which may have scared parents, but was great for the fashion and music industry.

He kept the rest of his look simple with a plain grey T-shirt and all back accessories. The cross-body bag he was using was simple and sleek but also unique with its textured pattern.  And as you can see from his “Bama” baseball cap, he’s been inspired by American fashion too!

Hint: If you find yourself stuck in a style rut, try traveling. I’m not saying you have to fly to Europe, but maybe take a road trip with your friends, or travel virtually online. When you do this you’ll see the way different cultures dress and be inspired to change up your look.

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