First off, don’t hate on the title. I thought it was pretty clever. Secondly, you cannot deny how bipolar the weather has been in D.C. lately. Yesterday, peacoats were too hot. Today, hoodies are too cold. Well, welcome to a solution — the vest. No, I’m not talking about a Carlton Banks vest or the puffy, I-might-be-pregnant vest; I’m talking about something a little more lax and a tad more socially acceptable.

Some people see vests as overly prep, but I say you just haven’t seen the right ones. If a vest is done right, it can provide the perfect balance between prep and edgy street style. This fellow’s choice to wear a lightly-quilted vest adds a dapper touch that is somewhat unconventional and 100% acceptable. By pairing it with black jeans and a classic ivory fisherman’s knit sweater, it acts as the perfect fashionable solution to the weather we’ve been getting lately. And his pine green and black saddle oxfords are kind of awesome.

So now that you’re officially convinced, check out some vests from Jack Spade, Orvis, Ralph Lauren, Barbour and Eddie Bauer. I mean I guess you can buy a heavy duty bullet proof vest, but I’m not very informed about where you get it, so I guess you’re alone on that one. I know, I’m really bad at my job.

I mean think about it, who needs sleeves anyway? I’m always talking about setting yourself fashionably apart from the rest, and once again, I think this a great way to venture out into something new. It doesn’t hurt to try. If anything, it won’t be a tra”vest”y — okay, I’m done.


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