LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: It’s All In The Layers

Fashion is about the layering. If you’re a statistics major it’s about the interaction of regression lines; if you’re an international relations major it’s about the conflict. Styling is all about what you match with what, and the subject today plays no exception.

This Fashionisto’s scarf is chunky, yet utile. It looks warm and has a fun pattern in a simple stitching that even your grandmother would create. Around this time of year it’s barely scarf weather, but its loose wrap is a safety blanket of warmth anyway. Underneath it’s hiding a light blue oxford style button-down with a navy V-neck sweater on top. Simple prep school chic under the guise of a layered Fashionisto.

The cotton canvas jacket is a great pick for fall and spring seasons. Stiff shoulders and loose fit means it will look just as good buttoned as it does unbuttoned. Yes the colors of this look seem pretty dreary as we go from black to blue to something in between, but the variance in textures speaks for itself.

Cuffed light-washed jeans will always look great, as long as you have enough happening up top that your over-washed stretched out denim doesn’t make the headlines. Also now that it is no longer snowing or raining like a tropical forest, Boston is a great place for your suede desert boots.

It’s all about the interactions when it comes to clothing attraction. Play with what you already have in your closet and you might find that the combinations of the simplest item will turn you into one fierce Fashionisto.

Hint: Barneys NY is one of the best databases for fashionable scarves like this one. Tryout these simple desert boots from Clark then wrap your whole look in this slick fatigue jacket from J.Crew.

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