LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: It’s Always Sunny In California

It’s fall, but that doesn’t mean very much for Californians. It is still hot enough to wear shorts, tanks and sandals. While temperatures are reaching 105 degrees, students at Pitzer are still in summer fashion with no look towards fall. While the sun is still blazing, cut–off shorts and tees are more than appropriate for a student going from class to the pool. This Fashionisto, is wearing a T-shirt that looks like you would find it at a boutique at Venice Beach. His outfit is very “SoCal” with the cut-off shorts, white tee and white Converse All Stars. It is simple, but fun!

Hint: Wearing a novelty T-shirt is a great way to add personality without any accessories. Like this Fashionisto, your shirt can tell an on-looker the weather, how you are feeling or what you are thinking. It gives insight to your identity. Do you have jeans that are worn and torn at the bottom? CUT THEM OFF!!  Cut-off shorts aren’t just for women; men can do it too! Just take a pair of pants, try them on, find the appropriate length, and then CUT!  Want the “destroyed” look? After cutting, pull the strings found on the inside of your new shorts or simply wash them and the strings will fall naturally. This is a great way to have a new outfit with recycled clothes (the ultimate Pitzer way!) Hope all you Fashionistos stay cool in the always-sunny California.

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