Many guys (and girls) number one reason for not dressing well: it’s too difficult. So often people think that in order to be a Fashionista/o it takes hours of hard work, thousands of dollars and a magic wand. Sorry, fairy godmother, but your work isn't needed here.

When I spied this Fashionisto strolling to class, I felt like he was the perfect rebuttal to this notion that fashion has to be complicated. This Fashionisto excuded a sense of style, polish and “coolness.” His outfit at most had to take two minutes to put together; but it was well executed.

How long does it take to put on a pair of jeans? Try taking an extra five seconds and add a cuff at the bottom to expose your ankles. Throw on a  beanie and you don’t have to even fuss with your hair. Skip the socks and slip on a pair of Converse Chuck Taylors. (Style points to this Fashionisto for rocking white after Labor Day.) Toss on a stylish crew neck instead of your beaten up college hoodie. This simple swap adds a lot of impact. That’s it Fashionistos. No magic wand necessary. This Fashionisto proves that good fashion can be that easy.

Hint: You can rock sunglasses even though days of chilling at the beach have long past. Try a unique-yet-classic shape like this Fashionisto's for an investment piece. The sun always shines on a CollegeFashionisto.

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