LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Khak-i, Khak-you, Khak-we

The first semester of school always seems to be measured by certain milestones— football season, midterms, Halloween, Thanksgiving, finals and then winter break. And with each event or occurrence, it is important to dress the part.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we thought we would inspire you to start thinking of what you to wear for this family gathering. When I came across these dapper Fashionistos, I knew their look was spot-on. They both donned pastel button-downs, which is a great alternative to classic white. Whoever said pastels were just for spring was sorely mistaken. To make the look fall appropriate, thrown on a navy blazer like the Fashionisto on the left. The jacket and the rich navy counteract the brightness of his green shirt.

But perhaps the most noteworthy part of these Fashionistos’ outfits were there khakis. Yes, Fashionistos, khakis. Most likely you have been wearing khakis your entire life (cue embarrassing photos of you dressed up for class picture day). But just because you have been wearing khakis since elementary school, it does not mean that they can’t be stylish. It is all about the cut. Look for a pair that is well tailored and not too baggy for a look that is polished and chic. The look is sure to impress your family on how “grown-up” you have gotten since away at school.

Hint: Not a tie and jacket kind of guy? Pair your khakis with a great sweater or V-neck for a more casual and modern look.

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