LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Kick it Old School

Fashion is an ever-evolving continuous cycle. What can be “in” one day, can be “out” the next and then “in” again the day after that. Okay, maybe fashion doesn't recycle that quickly, but what goes around always seems to come right back around.

Take for instance this Fashionisto's retro-inspired ensemble. From head-to-toe he reminds me of a character from some early '90s sitcom. Donning a thrifted, funky-patterned button-down underneath a turquoise and gray pullover and a pair of denim jeans, his inspiration is clearly one of the past.

However, this Fashionisto's outfit looks anything but dated or “old.” In fact, patterns like this are once again all the rage, as bold prints have taken over the runways for both men and women. Cool, daring prints are what defined the '90s, and it looks like we're borrowing the theme.

This Fashionisto takes things a step further with a nod to the famous comedy duo “Kid 'n Play” with his perfectly sculpted high-top (emphasis on the “high”) fade hairstyle. It's definitely a bold look, but one that he pulls off brilliantly.

Hint: Going retro doesn't have to mean dressing in complete 90s gear — Dungaree overalls and all. The key is to take a signature old-school piece and modernize it. Take a crazy print and dress it up with a blazer and a pair of cropped pants. Or take a pair of acid-wash jeans and style it with a light-colored tank top. Or go for the Dungarees… if you dare.

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