It’s official; the fall season has finally caught up to us. And although the temperatures are still hovering in the mid to high 70s, some of us have given into our impatience. We have already decided to debut our newest fall fashion pieces that have been hiding in our closets since we snagged them at that unbelievable sale at our favorite store. As we get deeper into the start of the fall season, GWU students have been bundling up for the frigid mornings with knit sweaters, sleeved shirts, long pants and boots. Despite this growing trend, not all of us are willing to give into the blues, browns and grays of fall fashion so quickly.

I spotted this Fashionisto’s brightly colored, neon yellow pants from a mile away on an early morning. Exaggeration? Maybe, but they were very hard to miss. His unusually bright choice of color added a hint of cheer to his ensemble, and his choice of an extra skinny fit for his colored denim worked very well. We can’t deny that colored denim was a hot commodity this summer – seen almost everywhere in pants and in shorts form respectively, and when it came to, this Fashionisto put his bottoms up! When it comes to colored denim, especially neon denim, the safer bet is always to accompany them with darker-toned tops or white tops, unless you’re aiming for the Rainbow Popsicle look – in which case, to each man to his own.

This Fashionisto did an amazing job of pairing his denim with a white crew neck pocketed T-shirt and a basic teal cardigan. He completed his ensemble with an oversized tan tote and a gold watch. This Fashionisto’s outfit is a great attestation that you can still find ways to match fall basics like cardigans with items that don’t typically fit in with the norms of fall fashion.

Hint: To recreate this look, start with neon denim or trousers; Levi’s has a great collection of these brightly colored bottoms! Next, pair the pants with a white or black v-neck shirt, and layer with a solid-colored knit sweater or basic cardigan. Add canvas shoes like Sperry boat shoes or Toms, and accessorize with square-frames sunglasses and subtle jewlery. And just like that, you can get a hint of the summer vibe during the fall!  


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