LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Layered, Put-Together and Ready

I once Googled “D.C. style” and I found a lot of pictures of bowties and super hero comics — I’m still kind of confused about the latter. Though we all know you love your Superman boxers, they won’t exactly land you a date outside of a Comic Con convention. What we need to focus on here is not exactly bowties, but the put-together feel of it all. Looking refined and ready is key when living in D.C., and there is no reason why this cannot transcend into your casual wear. The key lies in the layering.

Just as onions, good bean dip and Shrek are all fundamentally layered, so should a well put-together outfit be. Take lesson from this fellow’s refined and layered style. The warm Christmas-like tones of his plaid shirt are intensified and complemented by his warm brown V-neck sweater. He dresses down the look by pairing it all with jeans, and can easily make a quick switch to khakis if any more formal event were to come his way. to tie everything together, his basic black, waxed cotton jacket finishes off the look with refinement and put-together prep.

You can find the tools for this look virtually anywhere. I would recommend sticking with the basics of J.Crew and Ralph Lauren. If you are looking for something edgier, check out this sweater from Rag & Bone.

Looking put-together is never a bad thing. Washington is a place that requires some chops, and it’s important that it is reflected in your outfit. Put your Superman boxers aside and wake up. You live in the most powerful city in the world: you might as well dress like it.

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