LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Leather, Fur and Rock and Roll

Spotting this Fashionisto on an oddly warm Chicago winter day put a smile on my face as I praised the fashion gods for sending him my way. He expertly matches two of my ultimate favorite textures: leather and faux fur.

Now, before you start to think “Fur? That's for girls,” let me make a case for why it's the perfect male accessory. For one, unlike real fur, faux fur is less maintenance and doesn't require cold storage to prevent damage and deterioration. So, you can always throw it in that ever-growing pile of clothes growing in the corner of your room.

And when you think “fur,” it doesn't have to be an image of Liza Minelli or Elizabeth Taylor glammed out in those old, Hollywood movies. Designers have found ways to play up the masculine side of fur, stitching it into the hood of jackets, on the collars of parkas and of course hats. In fact, this Fashionisto got creative and made his own hat out of a pelt of faux fur.

Now, a good leather jacket should be a staple in every Fashionisto's closet and isn't that hard to come by. You can find them everywhere at all price points (the more you pay, the more real the leather obviously), from H&M to Ralph Lauren.The look goes all the way back to the days of James Dean, and now all kinds of stars are rocking it. Leather and fur make the perfect combination; leather jackets scream “biker boy cool” and the touch of fur adds the “chic.”

Hint: Try mixing up different textures for an outfit. Leather and fur. Wool and cotton. Or even corduroy and denim. Switching up textures can add some “oomph” to an otherwise lackluster outfit. Be a rebel. The fashion gods will surely thank you.

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