With the new season’s fashions on full display and weather transitioning to fall, everyone loves showing off the season’s newest ensembles. However, there is something refreshing about spotting a fashionisto sporting some timeless pieces amidst a sea of fleeting trends.

I spotted fashionisto walking up Wisconsin ave after indulging in some shopping at the Rugby Ralph Lauren store. It was immediately clear that I had found a guru of that classic prep style. He kept his outfit day to night appropriate with faded blue jeans from Ralph Lauren and Rugby pinstripe shirt with a rounded club collar and madras tie, evoking a vintage, Ivy-League feel to his look. His timeless Brooks Brothers blue blazer accentuates this Ivy-League theme, perfect for both the workplace and GW nightlife.  Inclement weather is not problem for this dapper young man. He is well prepared for the elements in his navy Barbour jacket; a piece that will keep him both stylish and dry.

While the clothes alone would solidify this young prepster as one of GW’s best-dressed men, the real leading light of the ensemble is the light brown Alden tassel loafers. By rolling his pant-legs and sporting the loafers without socks, he highlights his fancy footwear like a true preppie.

Have yet to master this Ivy-Prep look? Luckily for all you fashionistos, this classic style of loafers can be found at a many popular stores in a wide range of price points! Some great loafers can be found at Zappos, Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren. As for the rest of the outfit, some great affordable alternatives can be found at preppy shopping mecas, J. Crew and Rugby Ralph Lauren.

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