LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Lookin’ Nice in Neon

We all know about it, the trend that has become more and more popular these past couple of seasons: neon. The bright colors are a great burst of summer, adding excitement to any wardrobe. I have found that typically girls have been following this fad whether the bright colors are worn on a top, dress, purse or necklace. The boys seem to be lagging a bit on this trend, following slowly behind with mainly neon accessories like hats, or trim on a pair of cool sneakers.

I spotted this Fashionisto walking home from work the other day. Rather than choosing to go subtly neon with a bracelet or a neon graphic he has chosen a full blown pair of awesome bright lemon shorts. The sunny yellow shorts looked crisp and put together especially paired with a blue crew neck. The look is casual adding some plain black flip flops and black rimmed glasses. He sports a unique watch with a big face and a thin band needing minimal accessories for his look.

Try out the look yourself by finding a pair of shorts in a bright neon color. Gap has a great pair of yellow shorts (and other great colors for that matter) that you could try on for size. Throw on a simple colored tee, like this blue one from Urban Outfitters. If you’d rather start off with a cool neon top check out American Apparel, they’ve got loads of '90s colors. Choose some of your favorite accessories to go with your ensemble, like a watch or sunglasses and you’re good to go.

Hint: Go all out when you’re rocking the neons. Pair your clothing piece of choice with another bright color. For example, yellows go great with blue or oranges go great with purple. Why not go big or go home? In the summer you can work any loud and fun color combo.

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