The best years of one's life, as they are often referred to, seem to be the fastest years as well.  As four years are slowly nearing their end for many seniors, the job hunt begins — where hoodies once ran rampant, tailored suits are now the norm.  This Fashionisto, in his handsome suiting, lives the mantra that one should dress for the job they want.

When seeking suiting, there are a few key criteria that should be considered.  Fit is key!  The most important areas to look at when trying on a suit are the shoulders and the width throughout the torso and thigh. Remember, if you have a slim frame, your suit should be slim as well.  Nothing ruins the look of a nice suit more than ill fit.  Also, take color into consideration.  If only one go-to suit is needed, stick to the basics such as solid black or dark gray.  Feeling funky? Play with the types of material and finish of the garments such as subtle pinstripes or glen plaid.  Remember, suits are no longer as unattainable as they once were and great versions can be found from Zara to Zegna.

Hint: In a sea of black suits, the temptation may be to purchase a less functional but more interesting piece like this suit by Costume National.  However, as this sartorial stud demonstrates, black doesn't have to be boring!  Accessories are essential and in this case help to make the outfit unique and truly his.  The mixed-material wingtips, cashmere scarf and messenger bag complement each other and the outfit without taking away from his polished appearance. The best part? The floral lining of this chic shirt, which nods not only towards the spring ahead but also to the bright future of our seniors.

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