LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Mad Men in Preppy Plaid

Back in 2011, Banana Republic teamed up with Emmy-winning costume designer Janie Bryant to create an affordable line inspired by the popular AMC show Mad Men. What resulted was a collection full of pieces reminiscent of 1960s America with a dash of modernity. High-waisted skirts and knee-length tailored dresses for women and fitted trousers, fedoras and knit sweaters for men.

Well, men must have really gone mad for the collection because it's back! Banana Republic announced a few weeks ago that they would be releasing a second collection with Bryant, feeding our current obsession for all things '60s fashion.

This Fashionisto instantly reminded me of a preppier “Don Draper” in his dark gray tapered dress pants, navy blue pullover sweater and plaid coat. Plaid coats have been a mainstay on Columbia's campus this winter and this Fashionisto makes it look clean and dapper as opposed to making it look like something a lumberjack would wear. Plaid can be fashionable when worn correctly (I'd just advise staying as far away as possible from red, plaid ANYTHING.)

Hint: This Fashionisto also made the brave choice of carrying a cross-body brown, leather messenger bag instead of a standard backpack. Guys, do not be afraid of the man bag! Contrary to popular belief, it is not effeminate to carry one and it won't clash with your outfit like a backpack might. Places like Urban Outfitters, H&M and even various thrift stores have great selections of them. Or, you can just hit up Banana Republic like this mad man did.

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