Color blocking is a huge deal this year, but don't forget the power that matching has on an outfit. This Fashionisto shows us that matching is still a good look, especially when you match accessories like he does.

First things first, let’s talk about his beanie. It’s effortlessly cool. Having a bad hair day? Throw on this hat. Beanies have been around for a long time, but they made their come back in the '90s and have stayed a popular item since. The beanie is here to stay, and this Fashionisto rocks a bright red one. His red hat is coordinated with his red shirt and red tennis shoes. One might say it’s too much but it’s actually not. The small glimpses of red in every direction bring the outfit together.

The other thing I love about this College Fashionisto is that he’s perfectly dressed for a rainy day around campus. He looks stylish for class but totally comfortable with his Nike tennis shoes. In case the sun does make an appearance through the overcast sky, he came fully prepared with white-and-silver-brimmed sunglasses. They are a cool accessory that any Fashionisto can wear to show his personality. Think of all the possibilities: colors, shapes, frames and more.

Speaking of personality, this Fashionisto is definitely rocking his own with a nose piercing. It shows confidence and a totally fun, quirky style. The amazing thing about the college generation is that we make our body our own. Clothes aren’t the only way to show our style, our bodies are our canvas. Through piercings, tattoos, makeup and more we define who we are. This Fashionishto is doing just that.

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