LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Men´s Acessories

Accessories are an important part of the wardrobe for both women and men. Women have always been concerned about this matter and the majority of the stores are focused towards the female audience. But this scenario is changing and men are increasingly gaining more space.

This week's Fashionisto chose three accessories that not only matched one another but also with his basic look. The first is a leather strap with several skulls, which are popular these past seasons. The second strap, also made of leather, blends perfectly with not only the first accessory but also with the watch.

To match the accessories, this Fashionisto chose a basic look with simple washed jeans, oxford shoes and a striped V-neck. The T-shirt is what gives color to the look, with stripes that mix more than one color.

Hint: Male accessories are a great option for those who want to change a look without exaggerating it. Combining or not combining materials is not the problem, but knowing how to tie the whole together it is most important.

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