LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Neo-Collegiate Style

Take a moment to think of the words “American collegiate menswear.” What do you picture? If you are anything like me, the first images that come to mind are of college-labeled tees strangely reminiscent of a Van Wilder movie.

With that said, imagine my pleasure in seeing this well-dressed Fashionisto walking down Commonwealth Avenue. No “BU” logo in sight! Instead, I stumbled upon an expertly paired palette of red shorts and a chambray top.  As if taken right out of Tommy Hilfiger's Spring 2011 show, this Fashionisto's outfit captured the essence of American collegiate-wear in an updated, refreshing way.  He refrained from a literal red, white and blue interpretation by keeping his chambray in a light wash and sporting his shorts in summer's favorite orange-red shade.  This look reads classic college campus while maintaing a sophistication that will transition nicely into “the real world.”

However, fear not my tee-loving scholars! You can continue to wear your T-shirts proudly — just take note from this stylish stud and play with each season’s favorite colors and textures. For fall, update by focusing on deep reds and teals or incorporate thermal tees and I promise your comfortable wardrobe won't know the difference!



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