After a recent jaunt to London, I couldn't help but notice the bold choices Fashionistos were taking on the street. Playing it safe was no where to be seen and, boy, did I love it. Today's trendsetter was spotted on the West End of London and it was his bedazzled trainers (so British, I know) that were out of this world.

This common footwear has been seen on our major college campuses but with embellishments and metallics thrown is a first for me. Eager to learn more about this young lad's shoes, I chatted with him and found out there were a DIY project crafted one night in his apartment. While we Fashionistas love a good DIY project, so it was rather refreshing to hear a male who also enjoys this creative activity.

His harem patterned pants and Justin Timberlake circa 2000 haircut were the finishing touches to a truly noteworthy Fashionisto. If only other CollegeFashionistos in the States could break out of their comfort zone! Until then, my love with remain in London, the place where anything and everything can be seen on the street. Viva London!

Hint: If you dare to attempt a DIY project Fashionistos, start simple. Borrow your lady friend's bedazzler and add stud or two to your favorite blazer's lapel or the canvas of your favorite sneakers.

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