Typically I am a heels kind of girl. Even when heels probably aren't the most practical choice, I find myself wearing them. After countless shoes being destroyed from the streets of Manhattan, my attention from heels has begun to shift to a more realistic shoe- sneakers. 

The Fashionistas/os in Sao Paulo are always walking. The traffic is miserable-picture LA traffic but 100 times worst. If you are a student on the go, you must accept that you will be walking everywhere. Given this situation the students there love sneakers and unique ones.

Today's Fashionisto caught my attention with his vibrant, neon purple laces. Playing up a rather basic denim short and striped shirt ensemble, he added a dash of fashion fun through his sneaker and lace combination. Whether you walk a lot around campus or not, we know comfort is key Fashionistos. Take note from today's Brazillian trendsetter and change your shoe laces to a daring, bright color. Be that forward thinker that we know you are and make a statement by simply wearing your favorite sneakers. 

Hint: PRO-Keds makes an awesome assortment of sneakers for the fashion savvy guy. 

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