The life of a CollegeFashionisto is chaotic. Your interning, working a part-time job, hanging out with friends, pursuing your interests, working out, going to class, oh and maybe sleeping somewhere in there as well.

On the college budget, it's hard to buy a new wardrobe for every facet of your busy life. When I spotted this Fashionisto getting his skateboard on, I was immediately drawn to his splatter paint shorts. Wanting a pair for myself, I inquired where he got them. He told me they were actually an accident- splattered and torn while working on a project for class. When he told me that, I wanted them even more. I was intrigued that he made his “wrecked” denim into something totally fashionable. Now that's a “make it work” moment.

This week, Fashionistos, think of ways to stretch your wardrobe. Be inspired by this Fashionisto and think out of the box. Want a pair of splatter paint shorts immediately? Try these when heading to class, brunching with your lady, and hanging out with your bros. 

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