I know, it's only Tuesday, Fashionistos. But who isn't already counting down the days until the weekend? Grabbing a meal with your buddies. Hitting the beach to work on your tan. Or, like this Fashionisto, strolling around the park with your lady friend.

No matter how you spend your weekend, you need a go-to outfit that can take you from brunch to bro time. This Fashionisto's outfit is that outfit, so take note. Start with a great, and we mean great, fitting pair of jeans. Think a slim, boot cut pair that aren't overly baggy but not skin tight. Next look for a pair of kicks that are stylish, hip, and reflect your personality. I love the khaki color of this Fashionisto's pair because they are noteworthy without limiting in the ways you can wear them. Top off the whole look with a great T and a sweater wrapped around your shoulders for when the weather drops (or your lady gets cold).

Get over the hump of the week and look forward to the weekend by starting to plan what you are going to wear now. Think you have the perfect outfit picked out? Take a pic and tweet it to us @CFashionista for the final approval. 


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