Despite most of the country coming off a substantial heat wave, believe it or not, it can get relatively chilly on summer nights. When hanging with your buddies at bon fire at the beach or heading home from the gym, summer air can be crisp.

Instead of reaching for a bulky sweater or a thin coat, I loved this Fashionisto's pull over. The only word to adequately describe it is cozy. It's the perfect weight for summer and would transition well into fall as a layering piece. The frayed bottom is a special detail that gives the shirt some character. It looks loved and not in a tattered, time-to-donate kind of way. The pale gray color is a nice contrast as well off of his black ensemble to make the look more summer appropriate.

My suggestion for you Fashionistos is to invest in a long sleeve shirt. It will take you from summer to fall and even into winter. Plus, after enough wears, maybe yours too will become “loved.”

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