As summer begins to dwindle down, we are all anxious to get as much wear out of our summer pieces as possible. Today's trendsetter caught me by surprise while wearing the male version of the clashing prints trend. While we have seen our Fashionistas showcase this look from clashing stripes to mismatched floral patterns, it's rare that a Fashionisto braves this exotic look. 

Playing into the importance of comfort, this Fashionisto opted for a pair of throwback gym shorts and a beat up striped shirt that had just the right touch of denim on the collar. He took to clashing his socks with his striped shirt and capped off the look with running shoes. It makes you wonder– is heading to the gym or the runway? Either way, we love it.

His platinum blonde hair just added to his overall cool look. It takes confidence and a strong sense of style to carry such a look. This Fashionisto definitely pulls it off.

Before summer leaves us for good, get in some last minute wear out of your summer favorites. Whether it be those go-to gym shorts you adore or a cut off tank you can't seem to get enough of, make sure to live it up while the weather lasts!

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