Ask any Fashionista and I’m sure she can tell you her go-to ensemble. It’s that one outfit that no matter the situation or time crunch, a girl can trust that look works. Every fella needs a go-to ensemble too- for those early morning lectures or last minute nights out.

This Fashionisto’s look is the perfect go-to ensemble. A Henley is a great option instead of the usual V-neck. The button detail contrasts nicely with a buttons on his lightweight sweater. Cuffing your favorite pair of denim gives new life to old skinny jeans. But perhaps my favorite part of this Fashionisto’s look is his kicks. Besides being right on trend with the revival of the sneaker, the black and brown leather makes them a rather versatile pair of footwear.

With the New Year in full swing, life can get rather busy. Be sure to simplify and have a go-to getup that will take away the stress of a fashionable 2012.

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